If you’re selling your home, visits by interested buyers are unavoidable. Only by entering your home and making their way through each room can potential buyers imagine themselves living there… or not.

To maximize your chances of selling quickly, you must make your home welcoming to potential buyers. Obviously, your real estate broker will advise you in advance that showings are being scheduled.


  • Let there be light: open the curtains and turn on the lights in all the rooms.
  • If you must be present during a showing, do not follow the potential buyers as they tour your home. Let them discover it by themselves, as they will feel more comfortable.
  • Turn off the TV and other distractions.
  • Not everybody enjoys animals; if possible, avoid having your cat, dog or any other pet around during property showings.
  • Create a pleasant environment: put away unnecessary items, place freshly cut flowers in some of the rooms, etc.
  • Neutralize odours: ensure that there aren’t any odours that could be unpleasant for potential buyers. Open the windows to air out your home before they arrive.
  • Don’t forget to clean: a tidy and clean home will obviously sell better than a home that is messy and dirty.
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